Andreas Grill is a Swedish composer, producer, sound designer and owner of Bob Grillman Productions. Educated at Berklee College of Music - Boston. Studio located at Södermalm in Stockholm where he has composed music for several CD, TV and FIlm productons. Andreas works in Logic pro and Pro tools.

Andreas Grill is a member of a famous houmor group called Grotesco. In 2007 he composed music for eight episodes and another eight episodes 2010. He also did all the sound design for this series. (watch clips under music and sound)

In spring 2009, Grotesco performed a song called ”Tingaliin” during the intermission on ”Melodifestivalen” in Sweden. The performance was a parody of eastern techno and became a huge succes. It stayed on the swedish top list for many weeks. Andreas produced and co-wrote Tingaliin. Watch Tingaliin on melodifestivalen here.

Andreas is also co-owner of another music production company called Smiles Smiles Music. With his college Nick Malmeström they have done many productions for TV and Film. Clients are: SVT, TV4, King, Atmosfär, Grotesco etc. They are specialising in music for TV and Film but have also done many CD productions. Among them is “Lounge music” for CD-serie called “Portixol” and a well renound childrens record ”Kommissarie tax”. They also did succes writing the hit “Luv parade” to Japanese artist- ”Misa” that reached 2nd place on MTV Japan.

For more info please visit: www.smileysmiles.se

Andreas is also co-owner of a sound installation company called Gröna Ljud. They are specialised in doing sound design and audio installations for amusement parks and museums. Clients are: Gröna Lunds Tivoli, Livrustkammaren, Hallwylska museet. Polismuseet, Aquaria, Skoklosters slott and more.

For more info, plese visit: www.grönaljud.se

Here follows a more or less complete list of educations and productions:

Berklee College of Music, Boston, MA, Professional Diploma, 1995. Major in Music production & Engineering. Minor in Music Synthesis.

Conservatory of Music and Dramatic Art, Vienna, Austria. 1990-1991. Major in arranging and composition.

Stockholm University. Stockholm, Sweden. Completed 40 credits of Musicology studies. 1989-1990.

Kulturama School of Music, Stockholm, Sweden. Earned a Diploma in Music, 1986-1988.

CD productions:

Per Andersson ”Refuserade Bidrag Melodifestivalen 2013”
Love of my life "The Century heart" Single 2012
Per Andersson med vänner "Pulver" EP 2012
Phonographics, "Chasing Ghost" - EP 2011 Mixing and Mastering
Love of my life, Singles 2010-2011. Production, Mixing and Mastering
Grotesco, "Musik från TV-serien”, 2010. Co-writing, Production, Mixing and Mastering
DJ Trexx, ”A union of peace love and bass” Single 2009 (Watch the video here)
DJ Trexx, ”The base is International” Single 2009
Grotesco ”Grotescos Tingeling” CD album. Andreas Grill has co-producerat and composed many songs. 2009
DJ Trexx, P-bros and Olga Pratilova ”Tingaliin” single 2009
Grotesco, ”Tingleling”, Single 2009
Misia "Luv Parade” Japanese artist Misa recorded our song. 2nd place on MTV Japan 2007 (Smiley Smiles)
Portixol Pleasures Vol.3 ”Future Paradisie” (Smiley Smiles) CD 2007
Carola ”Främling” and ”Mickey” New backgrounds because of missing orginals. (Smiley Smiles) CD 2006
Portixol Pleasures Vol.2 ”Club 17” and ”Good Feeling” with Jennifer Brown (Smiley Smiles) CD 2006
Portixol Pleasures Vol.1 ”Swing of summertime” and ”Sonando” (Smiley Smiles) CD 2004
Kommissarie Tax, "10 låtar och ett mysterium” (Smiley Smiles) CD 2004 (Arranged, produced and mixed)
Henrik Dorsin och fyra Gollum ”Slängar av Sleven” CD 2004, (Arranged, produced and mixed)
MD Crew, ”We got the game” Single 2000 (Composed and Produced)
One hit wonders - Remix 1998
Sven-Enrique Magnusson. ”Mi guitarra” arrangement Single 1997
Michael Harburt ”Bring me joy” Remix 1997
Robert Wells, ”Santa Maria” Remix 1997
DeDe ”Give me all you got” Remix 1997

Film and Television Music:
Per Andersson ”Refuserade bidrag” Melodifestivalen 2013 (Andreas Grill & Nick Malmeström)

”Kontoret” vinjett 2013 (Micke Lindgren, Andreas Grill & Nick Malmeström)

”Shut up” Short film by Maria Avramova 2012. (Andreas Grill & Nick Malmeström)

"The Loop" Short film by Maria Avramova 2012
”Kontoret” vinjett 2012 (Micke Lindgren, Andreas Grill & Nick Malmeström)

"Pulver" Per Andersson, SVT 2012, Composition and production (Andreas Grill & Nick Malmeström)
"Grotesco 2" SVT-1 2010
"Skräckministeriet" Vinjett och musik. SVT2 2009
”Grotesco” SVT-1 2007
”Grotesco Royal” - Humorlabbet - SVT1 2006 (Andreas Grill & Nick Malmeström)
”Vi behöver dig” Information film, Lidingö community 2001
”Stockholms hamn” Documentary 1998 (Andreas Grill & Nick Malmeström)
”Thief” Short movie by Lasse Hallström 1998
”Cheetas” naturefilm and ”Yellowstone” documentary 1997. Co-composer with Johan Nilsson
”FMV” - Information film 1996. Co-composer with Johan Nilsson

Commercial Film Music:
Kompispris, Featuring Kikki Danielsson ICA 2011 (Smiley Smiles)
Kompispris Web-remix-app, ICA 2011 (Smiley Smiles)
Kompispris, ICA 2011 (Smiley Smiles)
Gröna Lund, Twister 2011 (Smiley Smiles)
Bilia 2010 (Smiley Smiles)
Gröna Lund, Nygammalt tivoli 2008
Banco de Santander, 2007 (Smiley Smiles)
Leiras, 2007 (Smiley Smiles)
Gröna Lund, Kvasten, 2007
Verum fil, 2007 (Smiley Smiles)
HAFA Badrum, 2006 (Smiley Smiles)
Marbodalskök, 2005 (Smiley Smiles)
Electroloux, 2004 (Smiley Smiles)
SAS, 2004 (Smiley Smiles)
Löfbergs lila, 2004 (Smiley Smiles)
Nestle, 2004 (Smiley Smiles)
Harley Davidsson, 2004 (Smiley Smiles)
JM Kvartersfesten, 2003 (Smiley Smiles)
Kolmårdens djurpark 2003, (Smiley Smiles)
Kista Galleria, 2003 (Smiley Smiles)
Libresse, 2002 (Smiley Smiles)

Theater Music:
”Slängar av Sleven” Henrik Dorsins nightshow on Mosebacke. Arrangements 2003-2006
”Einsteins Dream” Directed by: Josette Bushell-Mingo 2001.
”My Darling Sister” Directed by: Josette Bushell-Mingo 2001. One hour of filmmusic
(the play was performed like a movie with lots of real time underscore)
”Revisorn” SAGA-Theater, Lidingö, 1999 and 2005
”Kuckeliku” Nightshow on Foresta Hotel and Conference 2001
”Jul i Shanghai” Nightshow, Jernet, Lidingö 2000

Other Music Projects:
Music to Gröna lund, Kvasten - Roller Coaster - Stationhouse 2007, 15 minutes of filmmusic
Music to Gröna lund, The Ghost House ”Organplayer” 2005
Music to Gröna lund, Kärlekstunneln 2001

Sound Design for TV, Film and Web:

Färjan, 2012 Mixing

’Sofias änglar, 2012 Mixing

"Peter Carlsson live på Scala", DVD 2012, Mixing
"Grotesco 2", Sound design and mix on eight episodes - SVT1 2010 (A.Grill & Jorge Olivares Rivas)
"Tingeling the full story", SVT 2009. A 30 min short film, 2009.
Samsung, Two animated commericials 2009
Konebox, animated commercial 2008
"Godkänd kvalitetsunderhållning" Henrik Dorsins show on Scalateatern filmed for DVD and TV.
Vägverket, commercial 2008
SAAB "Turbo gene test", Sound Design, Web
”Grotesco” Eight 30 minutes episodes - SVT1 2007
”Grotesco Royal” - SVT1 2006
”Barnkanalen”, Five animated movies for SVT 2006
”Vi behöver dig” Information film, Lidingö community 2001
”V for vendetta” Film in a theater production 2000

Sound Design Theater etc:
Stockholms Citytheater 1998-1999:
”Casabalkan” by Goran Stefanovski. Directed by Stina Ancker
”Det saknade” by” Lars Norén. Directed by Björn Melander
”In memory” Directed and written by Lodewijk de Boer
”Amy’s view” by David Hare. Directed by Jonas Cornell

”My darling sister” Directed by Josette Bushell-Mingo Boulevardteatern. 2001
Theater de vill - Many plays and performances from 2000 and forwards.
”Godkänd kvalitetsunderhållning” with Henrik Dorsin, Scalateatern 2006-2008
“Julbonus” Christmasshow on Mosebacke with Henrik Dorsin, Per Andersson, Micke Lindgren mfl 2006
”Slängar av Sleven” Henrik Dorsins Show on Mosebacke 2003-2006
”Kuckeliku” Grotesco Show on Foresta Hotel and Conference 2001
”Jul i Shanghai” Show by Grotesco, Jernet, Lidingö 2000
”V for vendetta” Legendary giant theater and filmshow produced by Grotesco in Järla industriområde 2000

Sound Design Amusementpark and Museums (Gröna Ljud)
Gröna Lunds Amusementpark. All soundeffects in Spökhuset (Ghost house), Kvasten, Lustiga huset,

Kärlekstunneln, Blå tåget and more, 1999 to present.

Hallwylska palatset, 2004 to present:
Soundeffects to exhibitions ”Skogen bakom palatset”, ”Gentlemannamodet” and ”upptäck konsten” etc. 2006 to present.

Sound design for "jaktutställning" Bröllop för kung och fosterland 2010. Armfelt 2012

Skoklosters slott:
Speakers 2008. Ocean 2012

City Museum:

Soundeffects to ”Häxan” 2007

Police Museum:

Soundeffects and film to many exibitions, 2007 to present.

Smiley Smiles is a collaboration between Andreas Grill and Nick Malmeström
Gröna Ljud is a collaboration between Andreas Grill, Johan Stark and Thomas Bohlin

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